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It is always an honor to hear back from clients.
with gratitude. –Susi Steiner


“Susan Steiner teaches with her heart.

You will learn

  • core intent of CST techniques
  • dialogue with safety, support and trust
  • explore deepest part of yourself
  • integrate insecurity for healing
  • awareness of your true self

With integration of those skills and awareness, you will feel solid within yourself as a therapist.”

-Gloria C., D.D.S.


“When all the doctors, medications and therapies I tried for my chronic pain failed, I felt destined to a life of unrelenting pain. Then I gave it one more try, craniosacral therapy. My experience reinforced an important life affirming attitude, to never give up hope. I found real help and hope in the hands of a true healer.”

-S. C.


“Susan Steiner mixes extraordinary large doses of understanding, compassion, insight, knowledge, experience and innate ability together with a very special unique gift of healing. I am extremely lucky and very grateful to be one of Susan’s client.”

-L. G.


My children have been treated by Susan for many symptoms over the years, chronic ear infections never returned after a cranial adjustment, a spinal injury on a trampoline, alignment issues, etc. Her care has been invaluable through developmental learning challenges as well. Now as young adults they are more aware and sensitive to their health and the many facets of being well –and they love to go back to her! That is the true gift of her work.

-D. B.


Susan was recommended after three chiropractors exacerbated the problems of herniated disks in my neck. When surgery was looming I was so grateful to find treatment that soon gave me relief and after 6 months changed the whole trajectory of my injury (this was 2002 and has not returned). But her remarkable process revealed so much more about the history of the symptoms and gave me a greater understanding of the injury and more importantly, how to heal. Truly transformative. I continue to get “tune ups” for stresses and sprains, learning something new with each visit.

-A. W.